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When you create an interface (should it be a website, an application or anything else) or a visual support, one key step is its design. And colours can play a big role there.
Do you have 10 ideas per minute when it comes to mixing colours and creating patterns, or are you more of the “some inspiration wouldn’t hurt” type?

In any case, the site COLOURlovers will probably prove useful. It’s a great place to get inspired, save and share your ideas.
THE feature : create your colour palettes. You select 5 colours and bring them together to easily see how they fit. Adjust until satisfaction and save. You know have the HEX, RGB and HSV codes of each colour, that you can use to replicate the colour on any support. Share your palettes on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook with a click if you want some feedback on your associations!

What do you use to do when looking for creative inspiration? Please share in the comments!

Picture of some of the palettes I have created. Do you have a favorite one?
When you want to check all my creations it’s here.

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After 5+ years helping companies to change and grow across industries and continents, I am dedicating a year to my own project while working in a noncorporate structure.

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