There are many dreamers out there

When you consider making a bold change in your life, getting ideas and tips from someone who has been there can be decisive.
Elaina is this someone. As she puts it on her website, lifebefore30 : “I worked for a Fortune 500 company as a management consultant until April 2013, when I quit in pursuit of growth and adventure. I now move to a new country every 3 months, where I execute marketing projects in emerging markets.”

Her website is a mine of inspiration and advices, with articles from How to find a job abroad to How to know if you are taking an intelligent career risk.
She also regularly writes for top-notch publications (think Business Insider or escape the city), and offer one-on-one career designing sessions.

She initially writes for 20-somethings, but many of her advices are valid all-life-long.

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Anais Frin Written by:

After 5+ years helping companies to change and grow across industries and continents, I am dedicating a year to my own project while working in a noncorporate structure.

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